Running a business is hard.
Running a healthcare
business is very hard.

Our products help hospitals and clinics manage every aspect of their operation: from marketing to billing and patient record management. We take care of the tedious work so you can have time to focus on the strategic tasks.

Managing any sort of business is a challenging feat. Managing a healthcare business can be ten times even more complicated.

You have to deal with a constant change of regulations, you have to treat patients and save people's lives, and employee turnover is higher than in most other industries. On top of all those challenges, you also have to take care of everyday business issues: managing costs, increasing revenue, competing in the market for customers, growing and managing a brand.

For too long, software solutions in healthcare have felt like a necessary evil: something you have to use vs. something you like to use. Most EHR's feel like they're from a different era: cumbersome, server-based, and getting in the way of spending more time with your patients and managing your business.

We say no more.

At Ecaresoft we're changing the relationship between healthcare organizations and technology. Our products help hospitals and clinics manage every aspect of their business: from marketing to billing and patient records.

They're made for forward-thinking organizations that want to become more efficient and give a better experience to their patients. 

Find the
right product for you.

We're in the business of driving healthcare costs down in order for everyone to have access to the best care possible.

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An EHR, HIS and ERP software solution for hospitals that are committed to bring the best patient care and satisfaction.

Cirrus won the Frost & Sullivan prize in 2016 for the best EHR.

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Primary Care Providers

Anytime is pure innovation, is an all-in-one business solution for small and ambulatory clinics. With inventory control, billing, and electronic medical record.

This is the medical software for a new generation physicians and healthcare businesses.


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We are committed to building the best software for healthcare business.
So we are increasing our presence in the world and delivering a better and more accessible healthcare for everyone.