Our Partnership Program allows us to grow together, matching our products with your team’s unique experience to build valuable new business.

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We take care of training you on the most innovative and recognized processes of selling Software as a service.

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Business tools

We provide our marketing and commercial experience
to achieve sales
goals together.

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Creation + Innovation

Becoming our ally goes beyond a business relationship. We share with you our culture, knowledge and passion to push forward the technology in the health industry.

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We believe in working in an environment where people value doing meaningful work and building meaningful relationships. We all really enjoy what we do and how we do it.

We take responsibility seriously and don't believe in having any babysitters around making sure anyone is putting in the work.

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Varied commision based on level of involvement in sales
process. Flexible, fewer requirements, and ideal for individuals or small sales teams.

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Maximum commision levels, certification and training.
Stringent sales quotas, Annual Partner Fee, Sales Representative minimums, Lead Reporting Requirements, and Services Capable.